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 You are about to start a 10-Day Detox from toxins such as sugar, caffeine, dairy, meat, and processed/packaged foods. We're going to incorporate so many great nutrients by eating plant based. You'll also practice daily self-care through a special experience I have curated just for you.


I ask that as you participate in this 10 day experience, you come in with a "beginner's mind" to see things in a new way. You can explore new food choices and self-care practices during this journey to increase your overall health and wellness.

I welcome you to share your experience on social media using #PG10DayDetox. 

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as you move through each day and would like to share parts of your experience.

In the next section please be sure to review and print the following:

  • The 10-DAY DETOX KIT, a full 15-page magazine that will serve as your guide as you prepare to start your detox and flow through the experience day by day.
  • Your SHOPPING LIST to prepare before we start the detox on Day 1 - the first of the month

Let me know if you have any questions as we prepare to start on day 1.

I’m so excited to see what this 10-day detox has in store for each of you as you bring your health and wellness to the next level!


Shaundra Brown, MScEd


[email protected]

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